The Fuse (2021)
100 Limited NFT Editions will be minted and release 10/22/2021 via NFT filmworks

30min   |  Pilot for Series

An American ex-military team seeks to break into the mercenary industry. For their first mission, the women are contracted to cause chaos and disruption in the midst of a pandemic and during the height of a social movement.

When their first mission goes awry, the MERCs are wrongfully accused of terrorist activities and become wanted fugitives with a bounty on their heads. 


The Fuse was made in the Seattle area in August 2020 without a budget. Over the course of 5 days in August, our team cautiously made this pilot during the covid-19 lockdown and managed to capture enough solid, clean footage out of it to assemble a 30-minute episode. 


This demo aims to inspire the  developement of an 8-episode original series. 

Written & Directed by Sasha Santiago

Produced by Katie Gibbons & Sasha Santiago

Starring in Order of Appearance

Thora... Katie Gibbons

Blair... Chelsea Quinn

Raven... Tori Bond

Eve... Adrienne Smith

Fiona... Jade Hopkins

Jenny... Julianne Chryst

Boyfriend... Matti Arnold

Leah... Maleah Woodley

Bobby... Darius Bunce

DR34D... Krista Kay

Stuntman... BamBam

Executive Producer... Adrienne Smith

the fuse - poster A (A1).jpeg