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Luna Squad 2013

Sci-fi web series . Status: Unfinished      

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The Luna Squad experimental mission headed by an ingenious military scientist, Doctor Olivia Shaker, took five uniquely gifted patients from a physiatric hospital and put them through a rigorous training program to be able to create and control projections of their alter egos. The Luna Agent’s projections could be instrumental in moving through space and time and give the Agents extrasensory perception.


Shaker always believed earth was a space station and the moon was a cosmic surveillance hub. Shaker was creating the world’s ultimate spies, five Agents working together to discover the unimaginable truths of the purpose of humanity.  In her attempt to unearth such secrets, the CIA called Shaker's research dubious and immediately shut down the mission.  Shaker was relocated to an undisclosed location and her protégés where brainwashed and placed back into society.


Cosmic assassins have been sent from the moon to locate Shaker and eliminate the Luna Agents.  Will the Agents realize in time the extent of their abilities as a team and attempt to continue Shaker's mission on their own recognizance? 


Watch, Luna Squad to find out!



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