Seeing Voices is a 40 minute short film that was made late 2019.


Due to Covid-19, it's uncertain if this film will have a chance of screening at any of the 20 film festivals it was submitted to this year.


We decided to release it online. You can freely watch it now. There are multiple ways you can support the people behind this film. 

1) By watching and sharing this link with your people:  

2) If you click on the Headshot below, the link will go to artist's personal Venmo account. Feel free to be generous with any and/or all the artist who participated in this film. It's tough being an NYC artist during these trying times. A few bucks can go a long way. 100% of your tips will go directly to the artist(s) you select.



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Directed By Sasha Santiago


Seeing Voices was completed in winter 2019. The 40-minute film is having it's 2020 film festival run. 


Joe (Jared Rinaldi), is a mild-mannered mechanic who works hard at managing his auditory hallucinations. Joe is coerced by a local kingpin (Alex Frankel) to find his ex, Alice (Chelsea J. Smith), a crypto hacker - to try and take back something she may have stolen. He’s compelled to do it not just for the clean slate he’s been offered but because he learns he might have a daughter Alice has kept from him. Joe struggles to remain grounded since his hallucinations are triggered by stress. At some point in the story, Joe begins to really wonder if what he hears has an otherworldly connection.


"Seeing Voices" is a new film that taps back into my strength as an indie director: making films fast, cheap, with a cast of misfits and the guts to fail hard. The movie was scripted and made in a guerrilla style. Shot and edited simultaneously over a course of several weekends and nights in October & November 2019. As a 40 minute film, the project is in the midst of being sent out to several film festivals to compete for the short fiction spot in 2020.

The talent who appear in this film volunteered their time, willingness and spirit - the greatest things anyone can share with someone when creating - anything.



Brooklyn, New York. 


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