I really enjoy the puzzle of making a fictional story in the real world. As the motion pictures flash, people get hypnotize by an intangible but perceptible made up thing.  The most rewarding experience I get is when I'm in a crowded room and I look at the faces of the people watching a film I made.

I make films exactly how I would plan a bank heist. I hand pick my cast of talented and capable misfits. We rehearse, prepare, scope out targeted sites and infiltrate when they least expect us. Never let them see you coming! We shoot the stuff but nobody gets hurt and we get out in record time. We do this because we're possessed by cinema and seek to break into this ancient ritual called storytelling. 


When making my personal films, I get to live out charlatan fantasies as the real world keeps humming along all around us and pushing up against our little make-believe story world. New York City is completely unaware and could care less about the quest we're in pursuit of and we’re grateful for that.  


When you risk as a band of outsiders and get away with murder, per se - nobody can touch you. The film is a memory of the experience.

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Brooklyn, New York. 


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