Rough and Ready is a fictional film, written by Sasha Santiago, that explores the issues of police conduct and brutality that continue to plague the United States. This television series introduces us to GOLDIE and ZEE, both of whom have experienced great loss, and all of whom go on a revenge mission to slay the cops responsible for their loved ones’ deaths.

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Over the course of Season 1's four, 55-minute episodes, we see how each of the four women's lives intertwine in a layered narrative that doesn’t point the finger at right or wrong, but rather presents a landscape of moral relativism where viewers are given the freedom to formulate their own opinions.


Rough and Ready is a series that strays away from the Campbellian “Hero’s Journey” storytelling concept of a lone, most often male protagonist, and focuses more on the “Collective Journey” storytelling premise that is the hallmark of successful shows such as Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones. The pace and feel of Rough and Ready echoes shows similar to Mindhunter and The Night Of.

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