Moonshine Films' Proof of Film explores story ideas and creates pilot projects to demonstrate a film concept for further development as a series. 

Title | Rough and Ready - Written & directed by  Sasha Santiago.

Project | 10 Part Series.

Video | Work in Progress Pilot 

Contact | Producer Adrienne Smith

Premise | Four unrelated women unite on a revenge mission to kill the cops that were acquitted of murdering their loved ones.

Title | Amidst The Chaos - Written & directed by  Sasha Santiago.

Project | 6 Part Series.

Video | Work in Progress Pilot 

Contact | Producer Adrienne Smith 

Premise: Working in some of the most dangerous places in the world as a private security specialist (mercenary) has taken a toll on Rooney. After 10 years of chaos, she returns to the New York City women's shelter where she was raised, to try and reconnect with the only home she's ever known.

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Brooklyn, New York. 


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