PART 2: The story descends on New York City's Upper West Side, where authorities search for a kidnapped foster child named True Darling. Investigators soon learn that the assailants drove north to a sleepy town close to the unguarded Canadian border where they have abandoned their car by the roadside. As the outlaws hike through the wilderness to their new lives, a strange incedent seperates them and propels a ripple effect of unanticipated events.



Divine Animals is an immersive double feature crim thriller. It's part of Moonshine Film's stroyworld of films which imagines expanding fictional worlds where characters, setting, objects, events, and actions of several narratives coexist.  The vision is to create a catalogue of stand alone series, shorts, feature length films and websites which interconnect across multiple media platforms and provoke viewers to search the internet to uncover Divine Animal's layers of story and solve it's mysteries.


Status: This Divine Animals film project is currently on hold until nessessary finances are secured. Test shoots are in progress during the fundrasing period. 


Contact Sasha@SashaSantiago.com for on becoming an executive producer.

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